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This video was made for the EIC. It gives an overview of what Crypto Quantique is doing in 2023 and what stage of growth we are at as well as an overview of the company.

Hear from:
John Hartley, Chief Commercial Officer,
Patrick Camilleri, VP of Engineering and Co-Founder
Shahram Mossayebi, CEO and Co-Founder

Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security platform. At its heart is the world’s first quantum-driven semiconductor hardware IP, called QDID, that generates multiple, unique, unforgeable cryptographic keys for devices manufactured using standard CMOS processes. The keys do not need to be stored and can be used independently by multiple applications on demand. When combined with cryptographic APIs from the company’s universal IoT security platform, QuarkLink, the solution creates a secure bridge between silicon, device, software, and solutions provider.

Learn more at cryptoquantique.com/

    Crypto Quantique - Moving to the Next Stage of our Journey
    This video was made for the EIC. It gives an overview of what Crypto Quantique is doing in 2023 and what stage of growth we are at as well as an overview of...

    Understanding User Roles - QuarkLink How-to Guides
    Sign up for QuarkLink Ignite for free - quarklink.io/ In this short QuarkLink how-to product tutorial, we explain different user privileges between admin...

    Introduction to Crypto Quantique
    This video explains who Crypto Quantique are, and what they stand for. Crypto Quantique has created the world’s most secure end-to-end IoT security...

    What does Crypto Quantique do
    in this video, Crypto Quantique's Principal Security Solutions Specialist, Chris Jones explains what Crypto Quantique is all about. In 2...

    Cette récente percée en INFORMATIQUE QUANTIQUE menace-t-elle #Bitcoin !
    Inscrivez vous à notre formation gratuite pour apprendre comment sécuriser vos cryptos 👉🏼 richarddetente.activehosted.com/f/21 La 📩 lettre d'investissement...

    Briller en société #44: Cryptographie quantique partie 1
    Lien vers la prochaine vidéo (sortira demain à 10h): youtu.be/9y5KDrZA-Vo Bonjour à tous ! Aujourd'hui on va parler cryptographie quantique et du...

    06 - EF6 Demo Day - Crypto Quantique
    Disclaimer: For professional investors only. The information contained herein should not be construed as advice or an invitation to conduct investment...

    Crypto Quantique - 3D Animation Quantum Tunneling (Elevator Video)
    We have created this beautiful 3D animation for Crypto Quantique. This animation was played in the loop in the background of the gala launch of their...

    [Weekly News] Leonardo Machado Head of Product Crypto Quantique/Exploring Crypto Quantique booth
    Welcome to the new edition of Must Weekly News. This week I had the pleasure to speak with Leonardo Machado, Head of Product of Crypto Quantique. Also...

    Les technologies de communication quantique
    Venez découvrir comment les technologies quantiques permettent la sécurisation de canaux de communication par fibres optiques. Une vidéo produite en...

    Crypto Quantique Founding Story
    In this video, Shahram Mossayebi explains how he founded Crypto Quantique on the IoT for All Podcast with Ryan Chacon. Company information: Crypto Quantique...

    How IoT Security is Evolving | Crypto Quantique's Shahram Mossayebi | E205
    On this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Ryan Chacon is joined by Crypto Quantique’s Founder and CEO, Shahram Mossayebi, to discuss the evolution and...

    Une avancée scientifique majeure vient d'avoir lieu et pourrait changer énormément de choses dans le monde! Des crypto, aux transports, à la médecine. La...

    Est-ce que l'ordinateur quantique va détruire le Bitcoin
    📞Réservez un appel téléphonique avec nous (offert et sans engagement) et obtenez votre plan stratégique d'investissement : go.tokensinvaders.com/rdv-1...

    L'informatique Quantique menace t'elle le Bitcoin et la Blockchain
    L'ordinateur quantique et la fameuse "Suprématie quantique de Google" menace t'elle la Blockchain, les Cryptomonnaies et les autres systèmes de sécurité ?...

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